The lost innocence!

“A hypocrite world”.”Adults are hypocrites”. “The world is full of sham and lies.”. These statements are not only theoretical but practically visible.

Travelling in the metro that day, I saw a small kid babbling something. I tried to understand what she meant to say. But couldn’t. The fun in seeing small kids say whatever, do whatever without even realising what they are doing, gives a kind of nostalgic feeling. My heart felt so happy seeing the innocence on their face. These beautiful creations of god, know not gender, nor caste, neither religion. They start playing with anyone who smiles at them. The purity and innocence latent in their hearts is undeniably immense. I just remembered this song by the legend jagjit Singh, “wo kagaz ki kashti, wo baarish ka paani”. This song is v soulful and gives a kind of positive energy that is required by all the adults in today’s time.